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Biography of Juan Vaquerano "Prímo Simón"

45445 336373103150731 469212621 nJuan Vaquerano born on September 6, 1957 in San Carlos Lempa, San Vicente, El Salvador of a family of eight children (two females and six males) 5to. Son of Ángela Merino Marroquín and Juan F. Vaquerano Lopez to both of San Vicente. To the exile in San Francisco for two years and then they moved to Usulután. His(her,your) father died when Juan was six years old.

During his(her,your) time of 4to, to 9no. Applied(hardworking) Juan I am employed at a brickyard loading trucks with land, sand, stones and wood. Between(among) his(her,your) multiple works they are: seller of watermelon fresh cheese in, Usulután's market like Bill-poster - Centenary and Cutting Cinema of cotton and coffee(café).

1975 his(her,your) family I change San Salvador where I work doing frames for photographies and cutting glass. I manage Albert Einstein studies his(her,your) second year of baccalaureate in the college. In these days his(her,your) mother died. It(he,she) could not continue his(her,your) studies and one dedicate to working only.

1986 made his(her,your) trip in search of the American dream where it(he,she) knew his(her,your) wife Zoila Milagro Meléndez. From his(her,your) injured one to The United States, Juan is employed at cleanliness, handling trucks (swapper), clown together with René Munguía (Renato Chispin) thanks to this clown's work I achieve a space in radio(radius) WUNR 1600 AM International Radio(Radius) with a program every Friday close to linen fertile plaine and René Munguía " The Show of the Godfathers(Buddies) " where there was born " Cousin Simón ". Then I initiate his(her,your) own(proper) program every Sunday of 7am to 10 am " The happy godfathers(buddies) and his(her,your) dawn rancher " and from Monday until Friday from 5 to 6 of the morning.


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